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Sofisticated Touch


Tokyo – NY – Paris – LA


The late founder of MamMoth Bakery graduated from Tokyo University of Agriculture, the Department of Brewing (Major: Yeast Fermentation).  After working for one of the largest bakery manufacture in Japan, he moved to New York to open his own bakery stores and factory.  His American dream was realized.  Looking to expand, he turned to the West Coast.


After having opened three stores in South Bay and Costa Mesa, he unexpectedly passed away.  But his dream in the west coast was realized in an even larger scale than he had expected.  The disciple, Mitsuaki 'Tom' Fujitaka built upon the founder's work by adding the knowledge he gained from Paris as a patissier.  This inspired the creation of MontMartre Patisserie.


Flour First


We are very proud to be a real scratch bakery.  364 days a year, we begin the process of selecting and preparing dough at 2am.  We are open everyday of the year, except New Year's Day.  Our mixers, proofers, and ovens take only one day off in a year so that they don’t forget what to do.  The flour decides texture and flavor.  Mixing and proofing requires a very sensitive touch.  We believe that quality ingredients and careful attention to process is our key to providing you with the softest bread. 


We don't take shortcuts with the ingredients to save a few pennies.  Our customers understand and appreciate quality and that's why we keep doing what we do.  Please try our delicate touch.  We make our bread with the delicacy of a patisserie.


We work hard to keep the reputation for the best bread in town.


                                                                                                                                           Thank you - MamMoth Bakery

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